Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Pruner

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Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Pruner, more power in your hand.

Power-assisted cutting – effortlessly cut branches up to 25 mm with Power Assist Technology

Clean-cut pruning – supports healthy plant pruning, by providing a clean cut

Easy charging – easily recharge with the dedicated Bosch micro USB charger

Easy and intuitive to use like manual secateurs. When resistance is detected, the power assistance function kicks in automatically

Set the power assistance level to suit the work you’re doing; there are three Power-Assist levels to choose from – low, medium and high

Bypass cutting system with two stainless steel blades. The top blade can be exchanged easily

Cutting of garden wire is easily done with a wire-cutting feature on the cutting blade

Battery status indicator gives quick information about charge level of the battery

Always ready to use: no memory effect and no self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion battery technology


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Technical data
• Battery type Lithium-ion
• Battery voltage 3.6 V
• Cutting capacity up to 25 mm
• Cuts per battery charge up to 450
• Cutting system Bypass
• Battery charge time 3.5 h
• Weight 490 g
• Power Assist Technology ✓
Noise/vibration information
• Sound pressure level 70 dB(A)

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