Valiant Ash Vacuum Cleaner - FIR260

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Clean ash and debris from your stove or fireplace quickly and easily with the Valiant Ash Vacuum Cleaner. This lightweight, specially designed vacuum cleaner is a mess-free solution to keeping your fireplace clear and tidy.

Its high suction is ideal for cleaning out fireplaces, stoves, barbecues and Chimineas. The hard-wearing ash vacuum can be used on warm or cold ash, saving your household vacuum cleaner from unnecessary damage and dirt.

The Valiant ash vacuum can also be used as a blower – just fit the hose port to the outlet at the top.

Featuring an extra-long and flexible hose for ease of use.

Height (including stand): 180mm 
Capacity: 15 Litre
Hose length including nozzle: 1400mm
Mains lead length: 3m 
Weight: 3.1kg



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• Save the household vacuum cleaner by using the ash vac
• Safe, economical, lightweight and voluminous
• Long hoses for easy access
• Durable, hardworking and functional
• instructions included

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