Valiant Stove BBQ Fire Pit Care Kit - FIR245

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Keep your stove free of tar, soot and ash with the Valiant Stove Care Kit. Ideal for both regular cleaning after use and maintaining tip-top out of season, the kit contains everything you need. 

The handy zip-up storage case keeps everything together ready for the next use and also makes the kit an excellent gift.

The set contains:

• 1 x pair of gloves - heavy duty to protect hands from tar, soot & cleaning solutions

• 4 x cleaning cloths for loosening surface dirt

• 4 x wooden brushes with specialised bristles:

• Nylon for cleaning stubborn marks from glass

• Brass for removing marks from metal surfaces

• Stainless steel for cleaning the grate or hard surfaces

• Round brush for cleaning air vents


Compare To Other Item(s)

• Keep your stove, vents and glass in top condition
• Practical cleaning kit
• Gloves, cleaning cloths & brush set
• Handy zip case for storage
• Traditional, hardwearing design

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