Valiant Flame Effect Lamp

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The silk flamed Valiant flame effect lamp creates a warm flickering glow emulating the charm and magical effect of a real flame.

Place in any unused or demonstration wood/log burner to bring life to an otherwise lifeless stove, or place in an alcove or dark area of a room to introduce a warming and realistic looking flame.

Powered from a safe transformer, the low voltage lamp creates the light and a small integrated fan gently blows the silk flame to create the air movement to gently flicker the flame.


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• Place in any unused stove to bring it to life
• Safe and effective-low voltage lamp
• In line switch for convenient operation
• Illuminate and bring life to dark corners
• Power: 110-230V 50/60Hz 12w
• Lamp: MT11 12v 8w Amber/Red
• Length: 85mm
• Width: 85mm
• Height: 230mm (Inc flame)
• Weight: 450g

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