Valiant Remora Magnetic Heat Powered Stove Flue Pipe Fan - FIR350

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The Remora Flue Pipe Fan is the latest addition to the Valiant Stove Fan family, designed for stoves and spaces that do not suit stovetop fans. 

If your stovetop does not reach a high enough temperature or has an irregular surface, you can now reap the full benefits of a Heat Powered Stove Fan. The Remora magnetically clasps itself to the flue pipe.


• Position the flue pipe fan a minimum of 20 cm above the stove top. For best results do not place higher than 50cm above exit from stove. 

• Fold the wings back, gently locate the fan at the required position and slowly position the wings onto the flue pipe – do not allow them to snap onto the flue pipe as this could damage the magnet. 

• To remove from fluepipe or to reposition, always do this when cold. Carefully pivot the base of the fan in an upward arc away from the fluepipe and reposition as required.


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• Creates a gentle airflow to distribute warmth throughout the room
• Perfect for cool top, irregular surface, soapstone or angled top stoves
• Simply place on flue pipe, light your stove and feel the warmth
• Heat from the flue pipe generates electricity to power the fan
• Suitable for all flue pipes with a magnetic attraction
• Attractive durable satin black anodised finish
• Blade and tool is packed separately within the box for product safety – needs simply fitting.
• Easy starting as low as 50 °C

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